Murtaza Piplod

Rookie Web Developer In a World of Experts

Welcome To My Web Page

A 23 year old rookie who seeks for experiences In different fields of his workings,

My Skills

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I have recently obtained BCA degree (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

Where Have I Studied

Primary Education

Madresa Saifiyah Schoool Godhra Grade: kindergarten to 7th Standard

Location: Near Saifee Masjid Godhra Gujrat 389001

Location on maps : Click Here

Secondary & Higher Secondary Education

Madresa Saifiyah Schoool Godhra Grade: 8th to 12th Standard

Location: Near Saifee Masjid Godhra Gujrat 389001

Location on maps : Click Here


V.M Patel Institue of Computer Applications

Location: Near Bus Station Godhra 389001

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My Work

Aspiring web developer, with keen interest in new technology & innovations.

What Have I Built?

By now i have completed 3 opensource projects a standalone inventory software in core java,Website built with MVC),Static Website for Organisation. Most of my projects are open source and easy to find on github i am still looking forward to get into website development to achive higher stats.

You can find my work at Github:-

1. Inventory management System
A) Inventory management system is opensource inventory tool which can be used by any small shopkeepers to organise & maintain there inventory at one place. B) It is created with Core-Java(Swing) & Mysql as Database with nice GUI interface which is easy to understand for someone with no knowledge how it works.
2. Demo Website template
A) This template is created after a year when i decided to make everything opensource which i have created. B) This template has many features inbuilt including inbuilt smtp email address provider,carousel & beautiful User Interface.
3. DerpSite (DERPFEST.ORG)
A) This Website is created by me as my contribution to opensource community [Derpfest] Team of Custom Android OS Developers. B) This template is taken from bootstrapmade and with added specific functionality it is now primary website for the team and its visitors. the website is live at


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